Bela Tarr’s Cloud Of Reverbed Feelings (and the relation to Minimal Compact)

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Bela Tarr
is the moniker of Israeli bass player/guitarist Zoe Polanski.
Long time a member of Israeli collective noise/folk ensemble of Katamine/Ex-Lion Tamer, this is her first solo release.
She sounds like a big cloud of reverbred and filtered feelings with her big, dense sounds that is led by her chorused bass and guitar and dreamy vocal delivery.
Bela Tarr

Bela Tarr’s songs are in a constant crave for a solution or comfort of some sort. Often sounds like a lost soul, searching for a redeemer, BT’s bedroom recording is just perfect in passing the doom and gloom feeling throughout the album’s ten songs.
Her music sounds like a combination of the classic 4AD-Mortal Coil sound, along with experimental essence of people like Steven R Smith’s and the somewhat poppish side of Minimal Compact‘s Malka Speigel‘s solo album Rosh Ballata or her new band Githead.
Bela Tarr - Pulsar

Pulsar, her debut album,  released by Israeli label (and a record store, comics store, pub and live music venue) of Uganda, comes in a heavy and thick cardboard with no additional information.

Bela Tarr – Moon Beams
Bela Tarr – High Life

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[RIYL] 4AD Sounds and heavy reverbed bands, Malka Speigel, Sarah June, Mazzy Star

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