I must admit, I never knew Dudley Moore was a musician. I only knew him as a 60’s comedian, that even in his 80’s movies, was still a 60’s comedian.
So I was rather surprised to find in Trunk Records‘ website that he composed the soundtrack for the Bedazzled (1967) film.
The film features Moore, Peter Cook and the stunning Raquel Welch, and though I didn’t watch it, I was happy to find that the soundtrack stands for its own as a brilliant and fun album.

Moore managed to compose and play with his trio, a classic 60’s movie soundtrack. That means it’s a combination of light piano jazz, some lounge, some schmaltz fillers, some light bossa and a lot of joy.
One of those soundtracks you can listen endlessly and then realize you’ve been listening to it six times in a row. Worth every pound of the 4.99 you’ll pay for it in Trunk’s website, a HIGHLY recommended listen.

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