Beating Of Hearts

Sometimes I think of all the albums that slips under the radar, because of bad labeling. So many people would have preferred to be lost in the Sahara desert for six years without food or water – then listening to a ‘jazz’ album. Maybe I should have a series of posts about jazz albums for people who can’t stand jazz. hmm.

Art Blakey Drum Suite

Well, Art Blakey’s Drum Suit album partly fits this definition. The B side of the record is a superb, exciting and swinging JazZ Messengers hard-bop music. This is for jazz fans, it’s fun and pleasuring.
But the A side – well, that’s a whole different story.

Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble

Drum Suit is comprised of two sessions. The one that turned to be the Drum Suit side, is backed by the Art Blakey Percussion Ensemble. Aside to the wonderful Blakey, you can hear congas, bongos, gong and tympani. Guest musicians on the session are Candido Camero, Luis Martinez, Philly Jo Jones (all percussion players) and Oscar Petiford who plays bass and cello(!).

Drum Suit is a three piece composition. It’s an amazing mixture of Afro-Beat, Rumba, Cha cha cha, funk, calypso and Latin-Cuban. It’s the beating of hearts that are cut on vinyl, if you’ll listen to it in the morning – it’ll get you started. If you’ll listen in the evening and will be a great closure for your day. Wow, it’s so brilliant and moving.
How come this record wasn’t sampled million times, is unclear to me, but maybe it’s a matter of time until it’ll get discovered.
Anyway, fans of Fela and killer rhythms, this is a must have.

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