Baxter Dury’s Happy Soup Is Set For August 15th!

The greatest news of the week – Baxter Dury returns with a new album, Happy Soup, out via Parlophone on August 15th!

Dury, son of legendary musician Ian Dury, is a true hero, an amazing songwriter who keeps a close watch on sound and production in his music. His previous album, they 2005 Floorshow is a masterpiece, and one of the best albums of the decade.

Baxter Dury’s new album sounds exciting and terrific, judging by the excerpts that you can hear occasionally on the album’s making of, with the touches of electro and indie, past and modern, and I can fairly say that this is about to be one of the most important records of this year.
Eagerly waiting and anticipating. Listen to the first single Claire in the bottom of the post, and see the making of;

Baxter Dury – Claire
Baxter Dury – Floorshow (from 2005’s Floorshow album)

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