Band Of The Month, Release Of The Year – Hayvanlar Alemi’s Guarana Superpower

Hayvanlar Alemi
The most exciting band I’ve discovered this month, comes from Turkey. Their name is Hayvanlar Alemi and their music is just freaking amazing.
We’re talking about a group that is led by guitarist Özüm İtez and drummer Işık Sarıhan, and I can best describe them (and it will still to them injustice) – a Turkish Sun City Girls that had Dick Dale as a guest guitarist, while they were living in Cambodia.


Hayvanlar Alemi plays instrumental psychedelic rock, with obvious Arabic influences, but not the sort of psych that is based on western tunes with Arabic modes and exotic instruments (i.e. Kaleidoscope). No sir, they are the OMG-real thing.
I know I sound like an excited 15 year old boy who just discovered Jimmy Page’s guitar, but believe me, this group is so special, that you simply cannot let them slip under your radar.

After releasing couple of albums, cd-r’s and free mp3 (tons of them, you can get for free in their Free Music Archive page) in their home base of Ankara, they have released their new album last month, via the exotic Sublime Frequencies and joined a group of respectful artists like Group Doueh and Omar Souleyman. Sublime Frequencies, ran by Sun City Girls’ Alan Bishop makes excellent choices in picking their middle-east musicians (and the area surrounding it, except for Israel for some reason), and the new Hayvanlar Alemi is no different.
Hayvanlar Alemi

Their new album Guarana Superpower is again a brilliant psych-eastern-surf-avant-punk blend, exciting and so powerful. The guitars are crispy and warm, the groove is solid and heavy, and I simply can’t get enough of it. The sexy LP version is out of print, but the CD version is available (limited to 1000 copies) – this is a must buy.

I’ve never been to Turkey and there’s tension between the country and my country of Israel. I hope this tension will be quickly solved, coz I would just love to see these guys live in their hometown. Until then, maybe I’ll take a short trip to London to see them on May 13th in the Barbican with Group Doueh.

[Listen] Hayvanlar Alemi – Crossroad Metamorphosis
Hayvanlar Alemi – Krallar Gibi VIP

[Buy] Forced Exposure
[RIYL] Surf Music, Western Soundtracks, Sun City Girls, Asian Psych-Rock, Turkish Psychedelic, Music In General
[Featured] Hayvanlar Alemi picks ten records that shaped their music (in Dusted Magazine)

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