Bad Vibrations – New Song For The Black Angels

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The Black Angels

A cool new song buy psychedelic TX group The Black Angels.
The song, Bad Vibrations will appear in the full album, due to be released in September.

The two previous albums of theirs, marked their way to the top as one of the great Spaceman3/Velvet influenced bands around. This is not to say anything about originality, because they are. Read my two cents on Passover

The new song, shows the band in a more focused mind. The heavy drones and spaced out vocals are still there, and that cool tremolo on the guitar that sounds like Peter Buck on Monster is juicy as hell, but you can hear it’s less spread or abstract, it’s much more into form, as if they are taking themselves serious this time. But they break this formal toxido towards the end of the song and gives a hint on what we are used to hear from them.
Not sure how the full album will be, but I seriously hope it’ll sound more like the second half of the song. Either way, I’m eagerly waiting. Hurry up.

The Black Angels – Bad Vibrations

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