Back To The Calm River; Revelationes – The New Album By Tape

Swedish trio Tape
This is an album I’ve been waiting a long time for, the new album by Swedish trio Tape.
This amazing trio was established back in 2000, and had several collaborations over the years, but it was their absolutely stunning 2008 release Luminarium that got my attention through its reissue via Immune Recordings (a label that never misses).
Shortly after the release of Luminarium, Tape released a short album, a collaboration with Scottish electronic wizard Bill Wells titled Fugue which also received #3 in Mojo Magazine‘s list of underground albums of the year, in 2010 (also released via Immune Recordings).

To me, Tape always sound like water (hey, now I see I used the same simile in my review of Fugue! must be true, then).
Not the ambient cliche (well maybe slightly), but their choice of analog sounds, dark background beats, pianos, electric guitars and more, always makes me feel like home. It’s one of these bands that I can only listen to at home, totally relaxed, while they’re melting my brain, allowing me to become liquid. So yea, Tape sounds like water.
Tape - Revelationes

Now, they hold a new, fifth album, Revelationes which continues the oh so beautiful Tape style, the unexpected choice of sounds, the Aguirre-type sonic landscape, the Rafael Anton Irisarri tenderness and the somewhat psychedelic influences they pour into their river.
Easily a must have, no questions there. Only question is whether the world would be able to notice such a beauty, or will it keep dealing with the yes-no Thom York questions until then end of the year best of lists.

Tape – The Wild Palms
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