Awaiting On You All: The Spiritual Journey of George Harrison

Without going out of my door
I can know all things on earth
With out looking out of my window
I can know the ways of heaven

The farther one travels
The less one knows
The less one really knows

In recent months, I’ve been listening to George Harrison‘s solo albums, in order to better understand George’s spiritual path as reflected in hisĀ songs.
This is mainly because of my own private journey to the depths of meditation and Buddhism, and I figured it’ll be interesting to dive a bit more into Harrison’s soul.
I always imagined George Harrison as some sort of a saint, an enlightened person, but after finally watching the Martin Scorsese doco, I surprisingly discovered that Harrison was just a human being. And strangely I felt very relieved.

I’m grateful to anyone,
That is happy or ‘free’
For giving me hope
While I’m looking to see
The light that has lighted the world

Harrison, like any other human being was made of many elements, and it was interesting to read the songs’ lyrics to understand his view of his beliefs, knowing the ups and downs of his career, family life, and all other aspects of life.

So I thought it’ll be nice to put some of the songs together, in honor of George’s life, that ended 12 years ago today, and to celebrate his journey and to remind us all of the fact that we’re all just temporary guests in the world, and it’s better that we’d look at the here and now of our lives, and be here, now.

Awaiting On You All: The Spiritual Journey of George Harrison by Yair Yona on Mixcloud

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