An Entire Day With Thick Silence

סטיב טיבטס
Steve Tibbetts is one of the most interesting, touching, intriguing and overall amazing musicians I know.
Though he was signed (and maybe still is) to ECM, but he’s not doing the ECM style or sound.
He’s also not a musician one can easily categorize, despite expressed bitterness of bloggers such as myself. He’s got the jazz, but he’s totally a sound experimentalist. He’s rocknroll but he was baptized in the holy water of world music (what the hell is world music anyway?).
He’s not easy to digest, but he is totally rewarding the brave ones who took the time to walk in his paths. He brings different flavors and smells and sights, he’s got weird melodies, weird arrangements, loads of percussion. Know the musicians that uses the recording studio as an instrument – he’s that kinda guy.

Safe Journey is his fourth album. It’s really hard to pinpoint exactly what makes this album so special to me.
He’s got this desert darkness that comes from the percussion, backed with the sound textures from his guitar, but in other pieces he takes the guitar to the front and uses it to carve through strong woods. Running, for example, is so beautiful and colorful, that it actually raises sights in my head. Sights of hungry refugees and a nation of compassion. Optimism, joy and darkness, a celebration of all emotions given to us by the creator.
There’s nothing much to say about this hypnotizing album. Sometimes, beauty hits you straight in your face, that you need to go through the entire day with thick silence playing in your ears, just to have an emotional landing after your flight.

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Steve Tibbetts – Running

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