Alexander Tucker Will Take Over The World, I Know It

alexander tucker
There is always some kind of mystery in Alexander Tucker‘s music. Like a gloomy undertow that flows under the songs, with a passionate desire to reach a safe shore.
However, he turns his back on the singer-songwriter melancholia in the sense the he sounds like a person who doesn’t let life take over him, but rather takes an active role against the challenges of life. He’s alert.
His delivery of his songs is simply out there, and that can be intimidating and almost beautifully aggressive at times but still overall impressive, captivating and touching.

Alexander Tucker - dorwytch

His fifth album, Dorwytch, released via Thrill Jockey, is a beautiful chamber folk album, with xylophones and cellos and doubled tracked vocals ,that he actually creates a sound of his own, that cannot be overlooked.
A highly recommended album for those of you who look for a different kind of songwriter and singer, and certainly a fresh breeze into this genre.

Alexander Tucker – Mildew Stars


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