Alex Chilton RIP. Take care. Please, take care.

Alex Chilton

Another king had died.
In a period of four months, we lost way too many kings and heroes. Jack Rose, Vic Chestnut, Sparklhorse,
and now it’s Alex Chilton.

Chilton formed one of the most important groups of mid-late seventies – Big Star.
BS took fantastic sixties melodies, and dressed them in powerful guitars outfits and took the
term ‘Power Pop’ to places Roy Wood would have been proud of. Their sound and songwriting, led to
bands like Yo La Tango or REM.

Alex Chilton

Yesterday, Alex Chilton had died of a heart attack, aged 59, two days before a special show was booked
in SXSW.
I wasn’t a crazy Big Star fan, I liked them and had much respect for them, but somehow I managed to
keep missing their point.
Between my listening attempts to their records, there was a specific song that penetrated my ear, and
stayed for coffee there.
It Was Take Care, that the only thing I can say about it is – perfect.
Another great song of theirs, was Blue Moon, that the Israeli singer/songwriter Amit Erez had covered.
And of course, there was Thirteen. And some others.

Comes to think about it, I liked Big Star much more then I thought.

He would be missed.

Big Star – Take Care

Amit Erez – Blue Moon (Big Star Cover)

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