Al Caiola – Sounds for Spies and Private Eyes

Just look at this album cover and tell me it won’t make you go and press play immediately.
Al Caiola - Music For Spies

Al Caiola was a guitar player, he recorded countless of studio hours for others and released several of great albums, in the ‘space-age / bachelor’s pad’ style of music (exotica).
Sounds for Spies and Private Eyes is an oh-so-cool album of famous spy movies themes and some originals in that style, an album that you’d want to throw a party just to play it.

Caiola’s guitar is really cool and ease, he’s the man, you want him to not only play the guitar for you in your wedding, you want him to bring peace in the middle east, end the humanitarian crises around the world, control the weapon in the US, and of course – throw Monsanto captains to jail. That’s how cool he is. In this album, he sounds like he can do everything.
To Trap a Spy








And the big band with him is incredible. The brass section is furious, the arrangements are brilliant. You’ve heard some of the pieces before, so you’re gonna feel at home with the music, and starting your day with this album will totally gonna rock your day. It it’ll fail to deliver the promise, call Caiola. He’ll save you.


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