Israeli musician Avi Belleli is a very respectful figure in the local scene.
Aside form leading his band Tractor’s Revenge, for more then twenty successful years, he also writes scores for films, TV series (like In Treatment), and dance.
He’s a very interesting musician, that can produce clever songs next to patchworks of sounds and experimentation.

Back in the days, before Tractor’s Revenge, Belleli spent some time on the Berlin-London-Tel Aviv path and had a band called Akan.
They combined, like any good band from ’86 era, influences of dark wave, post punk and reverbed soaked Goth.
For years, Akan’s album wasn’t available after the first 500 copies of the vinyl had gone and was never reissued.
Now, Belleli gives that album plus some additional recordings that were never released, for free through his website.

Definitely worth checking it out.

Akan – Out Of The Game

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