Aguaturbia – S/T (1969)


Chilean band Aguaturbia, had released their brilliant psychedelic self titled in 1969.
The album was banned from record stores, in the strict Catholic country, and the press and the church had it censored.
The reason for that was the controversial front cover of the album that featured the band members shot naked, and also because of tracks like the pre-Melody-Nelson sleazy Erotica.

A more recent Aguaturbia

The guitars in the album are just brilliant, fuzzy and warm. The vocals brings Grace Slick to mind, and only because of their version of Somebody To Love, but also because of the feel that is carried within Heartbreaker and some other tunes.
This is fabulous album that is being marked until this day as one of the best psychedelic rock albums from South America, and for fans of psych guitars and bluesy riffs, this is a true must have.
Note: Some of the songs from this album, along with some of the songs from the band’s second album were compiled together and were released as Psychedelic Drugstore.

[Listen] Aguaturbia – Erotica
Aguaturbia – Waterfall

[Buy] Aguaturbia’s debut album 180g reissue via Light In The Attic | | Psychedelic Drugstore

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