A Very Sexy Instrument; Rasputina’s New Album


I admit it, like every male, I have a weakness to women cello players.
Unlike what you probably think, it’s not about the way the cello is placed etc etc – no, really. I might be lots of cliches but I am not THAT cliche.
It’s just that they have such a gentle move on the neck of the instrument, that it makes me wanna be a cello myself. Tender fingers on a string, this is even better then to be the harp in Joanna’s hands.

Rasputina, the veteran cello trio, led by classical trained cellist and singer Melora Creager will release a new album in two weeks time, and what an album!

Sister Kinderhook

Sister Kinderhook will be their seventh release, and you can defeintley say that this one’s might just be their best effort so far. The orchestraition is of course brailliant but it doesn’t revolve only around cellos and it doesn’t sound like classical music nor post rock of any kind. No, this is rocknroll baby, in a clever way.
True, Sweet Sister Temperance, the album opening reflect the gothic essence of the band, but the vocals are not far from the Philly acid-folk movement (pay a visit to the Smoke Fairies as well) but the following Holocaust Of Giants is going for somewhat Dresden Dolls meets Festival and Olde Dance could have been the winning track if there was a tribute to Hala Strana or Big Blood.

And it goes on and on to 14 perfect tracks in a fantastic album that is all about the dark edges of America, the horrific late night Europe, and a strange solitude cloud that hovers above, threatening to kill us all.  One of the albums of 2010, mark my words.

Rasputina – Holocaust Of Giants
Rasputina – Dark February

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