A Struggle Not A Thought by Chuck Johnson

Recently, I was hooked by the absolutely beautiful album by Bay Area guitarist Chuck Johnson. The new album A Struggle Not A Thought will be released in November via Strange Attractors Audio House.

The album is fabulous throwback to the steel steel string guitar solo compositions from the Windham Hill/ECM (Alex De Grassi etc) paths, to the American Primitive style of Glenn Jones. By now, Glenn is to me the father figure of the next generation of composers and players in that style, that is charecterised by a fusion between repititive picking, sparse picking, long and winding melodies and beautiful, round and warm sound.

The new album, next to Glenn’s The Wanting, next to Cian Nugent’s new album and the upcoming C Joynes album, marks this year as a good one for us primitives.

P.s. the word ‘Fahey’ is absent from this post.

[Audio] Chuck Johnson – Down In Flames or Not At All
[Buy] Strange Attractors Audio House (pre-order the vinyl, it’s gonna be a rare classic!)
[Further] Read the Work&Worry interview

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