A New Song By Wire and a Worldwide Tour Planned!

Some great news; Wire, the admired British post-punk band, is about to release a new album.
The band is giving away a free son from the album, which I’m still not sure how I feel about it because it’s so short, but
that was what made Wire so unique – their ability to tell the story in a short, unrepeated manner, no unnecessary blurbs.
I admire that.


The band had just published a long list of worldwide tour but unfortunately, I don’t see Tel Aviv there which is a shame.
Wire’s Colin Newman is also a part of Githead, with his wife Malka Spiegel, the Israeli born bass player who was a part of post punk
heroes Minimal Compact. So the Israeli connection is there – come to Tel Aviv!


Wire had released their first album Pink Flag in 1977 and after that released the brilliant Chairs Missing and 154 – all three
are perfect albums. After that they always kept such a high quality albums that you got to respect their ability to stay fresh
and find the new elements in music that turn them on and make them sound so young.
The new album Red Barked Tree will be out in January 2011. Can’t wait.

Wire – Two Minutes

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