A New Album by Farthest South!

A little self promo here – yesterday we had self releasing Farthest South‘s new album Omens & Talismans.
Farthest South (Yair Etziony on electronics, Barry Berko on guitar, me on bass) is an improv band I’m playing in for the last 1.5 years, and the album is the first release of a ten hour recording session we had in May 2012 with guest musicians. It was all improvised, nothing was prepared beforehand and the result was exciting.

The first two hours of the day, we were honored to play with a mentor for the three of us, Mr. Albert Beger, who’s a very well known Israeli improv guru, an amazing saxophonist, academy teacher and overall a nice guy. It was a very interesting session with him, as we never played with a free jazz saxophonist, and he never a full electric band that doesn’t come from a jazz background.

We were all very pleased with the result.

You can now listen to it on our Bandcamp, iTunes page, or via Spotify or any other major digital service. We sell the album for $4 on Bandcamp.

I hope you will enjoy it.


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