A Glimpse Of Heaven

A new album by composer and piano player Goldmund is always a thrilling discovery.
The wonderful Western Vinyl label had released his new album Famous Places recently and I’ve taken the time to listen to it, because it deserves a full attention, as it can easily fall into the ‘background music’ niche.

But Goldmund has such an amazing emotional depth to his music, that it’s crime to let it go by without dedicate yourself entirely to his music.
Famous Places, that each of its track is named after a beach in the US, is a fabulous mixture of feelings, gathered together in one little, humble album, that throws you through different moods.
Goldmund’s solo piano music, with occasional ambientĀ  sounds, takes you to a trip through a different level of listening. The mind is relaxed, and asking you to give yourself away, and that’s what I did. And it felt great.
famous places

This a moment where time stops and calmness takes over. God knows, that in these days, where time slips away so quickly, a record like that is indeed, like The Strawbs said, a glimpse of heaven.

Goldmund – Dane Street
Goldmund – Havelock

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