A Bunch Of Nordic Guys + An Orchestra = Big Magic


Many before me, have tried to solve the mystery of the northern magic, and what makes the music of north-EU artists to be something so different, strange and often bizarre.
The Icelandic Olafur Arnalds, together with the Finnish bands I love so much are a nice example of the diversity of styles the north part of the continent has to offer. It’s gotta be something in the water.

The first time I saw the trailer for Parades, the previous Efterklang album, it was obvious to me that I’ve fallen in the northern spider web again. This time it was Denmark. Not as northern like Iceland but definitely northern to, say, Corsica. The trailer was made in a Gundry style, post-modern-cinema, and all that jazz. And this is how my crash on Efterklang came to be.

This group, that makes an amazing music, a merge of classical influences, electronic touches, and lots of nature, forests, moon, snow and wilderness – manages to combine all these elements in one pop song. Their melodic lines are always twisted, fascinating, backed up with nice orchestration and bombastic production.

They played in Israel a year and a half after I first heard them. At first I was afraid they won’t be able to capture the sound and production from the album, but soon I realized they know exactly what they are doing – and it’s all there. Produced, arranged, sonic experimentation.

In the end of 2009, they released a much desired product – a cd+DVD of their concert with the Danish Chamber Orchestra, playing Parades entirely, live. The already rich arrangements, partly built on broken rhythms and vocal harmonies of five singers, and sometimes all these elements together – works out great in this production. The orchestration is just amazing in its size and presence and it adds to the depths of the songs in a very peculiar way.

The sound quality is clear, good mix. The shooting and editing of the DVD are great, and the bonus material has all the original album videos – so you have a pretty desired product, worthwhile buying it. It’s been quite a while since I saw a live show that knocked me out of my feet like this one, so if you won’t be in an Efterklang show soon, this should be a good replacement, for now.

Efterklang – Mirador (live)
Efterklang – Maison De Reflexion

Buy : Insound

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