Plants and Animals – Tom Cruz and the enemy

Plants and Animals

The previous album of Montreal based trio – Plants and Animals, titled Parc Avenue (Secret City, 2008), was a terrific album that presented the band’s influences fro country-folk, indie guitars etc.
The band is now releasing its new album La La Land, on April 20th, again with their Montreal home label Secret City (great label, also home of Patrick Watson).

La La Land

Judging by the first single of the band Tom Cruz, it looks like Plants And Animals got dirtier then before, and a glance and a quick listen in their label’s website, which contains 4 tracks for streaming, reveals I’m surprisingly right. The guitar in Tom Cruz, btw, is a crispy and pure fun.

According to the offered streamed songs, it’s gonna be a hell of an album. Worth waiting.

Plants and Animals – Tom Cruz

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