50 Years Of Hearts And Souls

Today, it’s 50 years of Rubber Soul.
I bought the Beatles albums, one after the other, chronologically. I watched The Beatles Anthology on TV, and every week I went and bought the music that they discussed that week.

When Rubber Soul was first played in my room, that was it for me. I understood in a second what they are trying to say and what they were trying to get loose from. They became serious, thinkers, and they had fuzz boxes and sitars.

Beatles - Rubber Soul

They had Harrison’s If I needed Someone, next to the sweetness of Michelle. They looked down at (what they said to be) Paul’s grave, and John’s last women-hater song Run For Your Life (in Yoko’s time, this song would never had been written). It had the vocal harmonies of Nowhere Man and the masterpiece of all songs till that day – In My Life, with the organ solo played double time.

But above all, it was the album where someone left the bass channel a bit high in the mix, and helped the young bass player I was, learn something about counterpoints and harmonies.
What an amazing album.


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