Call it what you want, I call it holy grail of blues guitarists.

rory gallagher

He could have done so much more. So many records hadn’t been written and recorded. So many live shows that weren’t performed. But Irish soul may have never been expressed on the guitar and vocals like it had, if Rory Gallagher wasn’t a drinker.


It’s a pretty amazing thing, to record such a killer live record like he did back in 71′, when he was only 23. Now you show me a guitar player who can play electric blues and sings with such power these days. And being Irish above all.
Rory Gallagher Live In Europe is one of the best live records I’ve heard. I’m no fan of the Chicago electric blues thing, I’m into acoustic guitar from the Mississippi, but the guy manages to play the electric guitar with so much personality in it, that it can only be compared to people like Stevie Ray Vaughn or Telecaster king – Roy Buchanan.

The killer opening of Messin’ With The Kid and Laundromat shows the perfect example of his rare authenticity and power. This guy had it, big time. It’s a shame he’s gone, but he did provided some killer records over the years. And if you’re looking for good studio albums, all of his 70’s albums are recommended.

Messin’ With The Kid


Buy : Insound

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