New from Josh Rouse, Caribou and yea – yeasayer again.

Josh Rouse is a true favorite of mine in the ‘nice’ singer/songwriter field. These s/s will turn my world upside down but it’ll be always nice to listen to them (like Ed Laurie). Rouse will be releasing a new album on the magical date of 22.2.
The album El Turista, will be different from what Rouse did so far as he head dives directly to the bossa-nova area. As someone who get panic attacks just by hearing the term ‘bossa-nova’, that can lead me to break a chair on someone’s head – I gotta say that the pieces I heard from the album surprised me. Exactly the same surprise I had when I listened to Devendra’s new album.


It’s not a bossa album per-se, as there are other influences as well, some Paul Simon and strings orchestra present here, all in a big wrap of warm sound, suitable for 6:00 P.M.
In Rouse’s website you can preorder the album and get a free track, and meanwhile you’re welcome to listen to two tracks here.

Duerme, Mobila

Don’t Act Tough


Everyone is talking already about the not yet release Yeasayer album, maybe the most important and talented band to emerge from Brooklyn in recent years, including Tv On The Radio.
Their previous album, All Hour Cymbals, released in 2007 caught me totally by surprise and I just had to start and spreading the word about them. Now all of a sudden they are well known, and I feel like a kid who’s toy has been taken away from him. Nevermind. I’ll survive.

Anyway, they combine a rare and unique songwriting with rare and unique soundscapes and a rare and unique artistic perception. It’s a rare and unique band, and they are totally amazing. Their new album ,and I didn’t think that’ll happen, is closing gaps to become even better then the first one. It’s more solid and stable, with few touching ballads and looks like a true candidate on the album of the year endless lists. You can listen to some tracks here.

Another brilliant psychedelic/electronic band is Caribou. No introduction necessary about this project, let by (what used to be called) Manitoba man Dan Snaith. The new album of theirs comes three years after the do-not-miss masterpiece Andorra. Andorra was a genius piece of work, with the other entire possible superlatives one can say on an album. He combined 60’s psych, electronic music and a maximum usage of a home studio, much in the way bands like Animal Collective operates.
The new album, Swim,  will released in April with City Slang, but Dan our friend gives away a song for those who’ll join his mailing list. In order to decide whether to join the list or not, Small Town Romance is your best friend and gives you a chance to listen to the track here.

Caribou – Odessa

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