A new DVD for Jack Rose and Glenn Jones

The first quarter of 2010 will be very exciting for guitar lover guitarists and for people who like the Jack Rose-Fahey-Basho-Jones circle. Next month, Jack Rose’s new album will be released by Thrill Jockey. The album, Luck In The Valley, will be Rose’s first for such a big label, which reflects more than anything his own victory of getting recognition with a style of music that is very niche and not ‘meant’ for the masses.

Jack Rose passed away a month and a half ago, and left me, like all of his fans, devastated and in shock with a huge feeling of a big miss. At least he managed to prepare his last album and I hope this great man will get bigger recognition after his death, like often happens.

Jack’s good friend Glenn Jones, is another musical mentor of mine. So far, released three albums, each one is amazing. Three perfect albums who manage even to get to the ears of those who are not used to listen to acoustic instrumental guitar tracks, thanks to his powerful hooks. In 2009 he released his latest album Barbecue Bob in Fishtown, an album I got personally from Glenn, on a spoiling vinyl.

In the previous months I was corresponding a bit with Glenn who told me that in 2010, there’ll be a new DVD out, documenting shows of both his and Jack’s, and mutual shows as well. This morning I saw it’s finally be released in March 23rd this year, in the brilliant label Strange Attractors.
The label released a teaser from the new DVD titled The Things That We Used To Do

The Track list:

Jack Rose
1. Gage Blues (3:59) 2. Revolt (3:08) 3. Levee (3:38) 4. Song for the Owl (3:03) 5. Dusty Grass (4:54) 6. Fishtown Flower (3:16) 7. The World Has Let Me Down (5:29) 8. Kensington Blues (3:34) 9. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord (3:26)

Glenn Jones
1. Redwood Ramble Misremembered (4:08) 2. Barbecue Bob in Fishtown (5:09) 3. 1337 Shattuck Avenue, Apartment D (7:49) 4. A Geranium for Mano-a-Mano (4:02) 5. David and the Phoenix (9:31) 6. A Lark in Earnest (3:16)

1. Linden Avenue Stomp (4:28) 2. Miss May’s Place (2:50)

In Concert:
Glenn Jones
1. Dead Reckoning (5:36) 2. Keep It 100 Years (2:41) 3. Island 1/Against My Ruin (4:44)

Jack Rose
1. Cross the North Fork (10:51) 2. Luck in the Valley (2:02) 3. St. Louis Blues (4:45)

Interview by Byron Coley (36:52)

Total DVD Running Time: 2:27:04

I’m eagerly waiting for the DVD to arrive, and once it does I’ll update my thoughts about it, thought it’s obvious to me what will be my opinion. Meanwhile, here is the collaboration of the guitar giants.

Pre Order from the label’s website

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